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Minimelts Vending Machine

Raise Money For Your Organization

• We can help you raise money for your organization. Kids (of all ages) absolutely love Mini Melts and they will be the talk of your next event!! Call us or email us at

• We are heavily involved in helping groups/organizations and communities raise funds for their various needs. We would like to extend an invitation to any organization to use Mini Melts as your fundraising vehicle for your next fundraising event.

• Mini Melts always draws a crowd wherever we go, and in some cases, we were able to raise several thousand dollars in sales over a single weekend event. We supply all necessary product equipment, expertise, and of course, Mini Melts to make your next event a huge success.

• Please contact us well in advance as we have limited bookings available. We will be happy to discuss any way in which we can help your organization with its fundraising efforts. (Contact Us)