Minimelts Ice Cream Minimelts and A Means To A Vend A Means To a Vend

A Delicious Recipe For Success

The better the ingredients the better the ice cream. Mini Melts are created with the same quality mixes used exclusively by other “ultra premium” ice cream companies. We challenge you to taste the difference for yourself!

The unique and superior flavor of Mini Melts is maintained by storing and serving the product at the extremely low temperature of –40°f. This creates a crunchy cold sensation which turns to creamy smooth as it melts in your mouth.

Mini Melts literally slide of the scoop into the cup making them the fastest and cleanest serving ice cream around. No waste either, what isn’t used goes back into sub zero storage for later use.

Mini Melts are not found at your local grocery and therefore a “Must Have” item whenever they are found. As a result, sales at concession stands, festivals and other outlets are usually far greater than traditional ice cream.