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Delivery, Pick up and Live Events

Mini Melts will add that extra “Wow Factor” to any party or event. Bring that tired old ice cream bar to life with something truly exciting, colorful and unique, Of and yes, DELICIOUS!!

People are mesmerized by how Mini Melts literally pour into a cup and melt in their mouth as rich creamy ice cream. They are both fun and sophisticated with unlimited creative options.

Unlike traditional ice cream, there is no digging into hard packed ice cream and no sloppy melted five gallon pails. Mini Melts stay perfect throughout your entire event!

Mini Melts can be simply served in one of our plastic logo cups or in a champagne glass. Add them to a fruit cup or on top of a brownie, pie or cake and you have an amazing signature desert unique to you.

We can provide as little as one bag (approximately 25 servings) or an entire push cart program to serve hundreds or even thousands.

We are happy to connect you with an outlet near you or will certainly accommodate you when one isn’t available. Contact us and book early as our calendar fills up quick.

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